Georgia Tarheel Sports is a non-profit athletic organization designed to provide young athletes (ages 8-19) with a forum to develop and display their athletic skills and talents. The league is structured around and emphasizes the importance of continuing education, teamwork and good sportsmanship. Another very valuable asset is the positive interaction that the organization continually has with local schools, neighborhoods, city management and the business community. The program also has the privilege of uniting culturally diverse groups with the common goal of competing, learning and socializing. This aids in accomplishing the program's ultimate goal which is to help instill in our youth the vital importance of hard work, fair play and racial equality. Dedication to continuing education future plans is exhibited and handled in various instructional classes and seminars for participants. With all this in mind, the we would like to recognize the Atlanta area for their loyal support as they continue to be the driving force behind the success of Georgia Tarheel Sports.

GA Tarheel Basketball

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Georgia Tarheel Basketball Tournament Rules 2016


Welcome to 2016 HOTLANTA HOOPFEST!!!   THANK YOU for joining our event!!!

Hope this email comes all the way through......

This is your official welcome email!  Below is a bunch of information you need to make the weekend successful.  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND TO THE END OF THE EMAIL.  This weekend will be a great time for our kids and their families, lets work together to make it the best basketball tournament of the year!!!

Here are some notes, comments, and some items we need you to answer for us - please respond to this email confirming receipt and your attendance this weekend, there are no refunds:


1)  The tournament Location is SAMSON FITNESS @ NEW BIRTH  6400 Woodrow Road Lithonia, Ga. 30038  

2)  SCHEDULE - The schedule will release after 3 PM this afternoon.  It can be found at  and you will get a link via email.  This is the OFFICIAL schedule.....nothing else will govern the tournament, so make sure you download the app and check for changes periodically.  Poster boards in the main north gym will have the schedule on the wall, but the Exposure Events platform is the final say on all scheduling.

3)  Please note that the schedule is the schedule. I have tried to accommodate all schedule request.  If there is still a scheduling issue contact me through text or email and I will try to take care of it bytomorrow July 20th by noon.  IF I DON'T GET ANYTHING I ASSUME EVERYONE IS OK.  IT IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THE REQUEST CAN BE ACCOMPLISHED BUT I PROMISE TO TRY.       

4)  GATE -  The Gate is $10 for adults, $5 for children 6 to 16 years of age.  5 and under are free.    TWO COACHES ARE ALLOWED FREE ENTRY  PLEASE advise parents that bills above $20 will not be excepted. Advise your parents to come prepared.

5)  CONTACT INFORMATION - I need your Coaches emails and phone numbers.  If you are the team director or someone who paid for multiple teams, I probably only have your email.  PLEASE forward contact information for your coaches.

6)  ROSTERS - Please submit by Thursday May 19, 12 PM, a certified roster. This can be AAU, YBOA, USSSA, or USBA certified rosters.  You will need to have your book (report cards and birth certs) available for any player eligibility challenge.  We use YBOA rules which is grade based with 3 age exceptions allowed. ALL TEAMS MUST CHECK IN AT THE CHECK IN TABLE PRIOR TO FIRST GAME.  BOOKS IN HAND.

7)  WHO GET'S IN FREE? - Each team can sign in 2 coaches.  PLAYERS MUST BE IN UNIFORM TO ENTER THE GYM. 

9)  TOURNAMENT DIRECTOR - Coach Dennis:404-587-8671 , Jim Shaw: 404-319-1490

10) NO GRACE PERIOD, GAME TIME IS GAME TIME must be on time to games.  There are no facility changes. Each Team needs to arrive at the gym no later than 45 minutes prior to game time.  We will Forfeit the game to the team that's present and Jump Ball time.  

11)  POST-GAME CLEARING OF THE BENCH:  Coaches, please show courtesy to the next team and game by clearing your bench quickly at the conclusion of your game.  Players should not be changing, getting their shoes off.....grab your gear and move to another space for post game communication. Please help us by clearing your garbage as well.

I think that covers the main points.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email.  Calling or texting will be the primary way to communicate with me or the Tournament and Gym Director OVER THE WEEKEND, but until that time I am stuck at a desk during the day.  Email will pop up and I can answer it quickly for you.





July 22 - 24 2016

The tournament Location is


6400 Woodrow Road

Lithonia, Ga. 30038  





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